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What is Causing My Neck Pain?

Your daily habits can be a literal pain in the neck.Neck pain can come from a variety of causes and is one of the most common reasons people seek chiropractic care at South Main Chiropractic in Alpharetta.  Car accidents, falls or other trauma can cause injury and long-lasting neck pain, as can daily habits that contribute to poor posture, such as repetitive motion, unusual sleeping positions and being hunched over a desk, computer or other devices all day.

That’s right, something as simple as a prolonged forced posture in a sitting position (rounded back, head pushed forward unnaturally) can cause damage over time as the spine becomes misaligned and the process of cervical disk degeneration begins. The human body was simply not intended to sit hunched over a desk all day. 

But it’s not just sitting.  Walking and texting — or even just constantly looking down at your phone — can cause similar damage, resulting in unfavorable posture commonly known as “text neck.”  Not only can the position become permanent over time, but it can result in chronic pain. 

Stress is another factor resulting in neck problems. Stress and anxiety lead to tension in the neck and shoulders that can persist even after the stressful situation passes. If you already have existing neck pain, stress is likely to exacerbate it.

Neck pain can vary from a tight, stiff neck and uncomfortable soreness, to sharp and shooting pains with numbness, tingling or weakness that radiates from the pain to the shoulders and arms impeding movement. 

There are a number of things you can do to prevent neck pain, including using earbuds or speakerphone functions and stand up desks or elevated computer stands to prevent hunching over devices.  In addition, many people find some relief with daily exercises and stretches designed to counterbalance the abuse they inflict on their necks.  However, it’s very important that these be done properly so as not to inflict further damage.

Those familiar with chiropractic care know that it is a safe way to care for acute and chronic neck pain.  When the neck and spine are returned to a properly aligned position, pain and tension are drastically reduced, if not eliminated.  Furthermore, regular chiropractic adjustments can address problems before they arise or stop existing pain before it becomes serious and chronic. 

Visit South Main Chiropractic so we can help determine what’s causing your neck pain and come up with a treatment plan to put you on the road to pain-free living. Call to schedule an appointment today 678-404-8944.