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Suffering from Neck Pain?

Having neck pain can take the joy out of life, not only for the wonderful people in Alpharetta, GA, but across the globe. Neck pain is a common condition that causes substantial disability. Neck Pain affects 45% of today’s workers. While back pain certainly causes more lost work time than neck pain, the condition of neck pain is serious in nature and affect people’s lives and families quite different than back pain. Whether you are suffering from neck pain caused by an auto injury, sports injury, or poor posture, there are proven solutions to you. At South Main Chiropractic Dr. Andrew Wiese works with you to correct the underlying cause for all-natural pain relief and correction. Learn more about what you can expect when seeking neck pain treatment from our chiropractor.

What is the Most Common Cause of Neck Pain?

Although whiplash (sudden movement of the head, like from a car accident) is one of the most common mechanism of neck pain we see at our chiropractic office, the most common underlying cause to neck pain is found at the spinal nerves in the neck, such as a pinched nerve. Other common causes are prior injuries to the neck, degenerative discs and even failed neck surgeries. Patients generally seek treatment when they are unable to move their neck, head or body. However, the moment your neck pain begins to flare up, you should seek treatment to reduce your recovery time. This includes treatments for stiff neck muscles, herniated discs and pulled neck muscles. 

How Does a Chiropractor in Alpharetta, GA Treat Neck Pain?

At our chiropractic office in Alpharetta, GA we help patients from all across North Fulton, from places such as, Milton, Roswell, Cumming, and Johns Creek. The key to effectively treating and correcting neck pain, is knowing everything possible about your spine or neck. The doctors will spend the time to learn about you and how your neck pain is affecting your life. Following a detailed spinal exam and unique spinal x-rays, if necessary, the doctors will perform specific spinal adjustment or chiropractic adjustments. Mechanical traction, myofascial release therapy, and Electrical Stimulation therapy are some additional treatments available. 

Why Should I Visit a Chiropractor for Neck Pain Treatment?

The cat is out of the bag regarding the life threatening dangers of using prescription drugs for even short periods. In 2015, more than 15,000 people died from overdoses involving prescription opioids. If you want to avoid drugs or surgery for your neck injury, then now is time to visit your local chiropractor. Dr. Andrew Wiese specializes in your musculoskeletal injuries, resolution of nerve pain, ways to increase your mobility, and reduce inflammation in your neck. Our chiropractic approach to health and healing ensures you will overcome your neck pain and return to a higher quality of life.

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At South Main Chiropractic in Alpharetta, Georgia we take pride in providing comprehensive chiropractic care using a variety of techniques. Whether you need neck pain treatment for new and acute or chronic neck pain, consider South Main Chiropractic. Give us a call today at 678-404-8944 to take advantage of this offer and treat your neck pain.