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Desk Pain From Your Desk Job: What Can Be Done?

Facing a sore back when you get home from work? Is your neck stiff from typing on a computer all day? A desk job may sound cozy and harmless, but staying in the same position for hours takes a toll on your body. Prolonged sitting puts stress on your spine, causing many health issues. 

Here are several self-care tips to combat the pain you face from sitting in a desk chair all day. As always, consider the assistance of a chiropractor. South Main Chiropractic in downtown Alpharetta offers chiropractic care for individuals facing chronic pain of any kind. Give us a call at 678-404-8944 to schedule an appointment today

Improve Your Posture

Pay attention to the way you are sitting. Slouching and hunching over the keyboard are sure ways to exacerbate your back pain. When your spine is bent, it distributes the weight unevenly along your body, which increases the pressure in certain areas. 

If your job involves extended periods of sitting down, invest in an ergonomic chair that offers spine support. Alternatively, placing a lumbar pillow or a rolled-up towel behind you makes you sit up straight and restores a natural curve to your spine. Over time, your improved posture should ease your chronic pain. If the pain persists, a chiropractor can help adjust your spine with various treatments and guided exercises.  

Get Up and Stretch

One of the most effective ways to relieve back pain is to simply stand up and move around. No matter how comfortable your chair is, sitting is detrimental to your spine and muscles. Standing does much to combat the harmful effects of sitting, even if it’s just for a minute or two every half hour, If you are in a confined space or cannot otherwise get up too much, do stretches in the morning, evening, or twice a day. That way, you will keep the muscles loose and relaxed. 

Exercise Daily

After a long day of sitting down, the last thing your body needs is to sit more. When you sit, your muscles relax and aren’t being used. This can cause them to weaken to the point that you lose muscle mass. Also, your circulation changes, leading to swelling and varicose veins. Negate these bad effects by getting active. You don’t have to become an athlete to reclaim your health: aiming for a 30-minute daily walk is a great start. Try to add weights and core exercises into the mix. Strengthening your abdominal muscles provides support for your spine. 

Eat Healthful Foods

Food has such a profound impact on our bodies. The food you eat is the energy that keeps you going and the nutrients that heal your body. Unhealthy foods loaded with the trans-fat, salt and sugar will widen your waistline and add stress to your back. On the other hand, a healthy diet keeps your weight in check and encourages nutrient flow to your spine, keeping the tissues healthy. A healthy body means there will be fewer chances for inflammation and pain. 

Try Chiropractic Care

Finding the right treatment takes time. A chiropractor can walk you through your options, which may include chiropractic care! It’s one of the most effective ways to safely treat chronic pain. You will perform pain-relieving stretches and gentle exercises that strengthen your core, taking the pressure off your back. Dr. Andrew Wiese at South Main Chiropractic has helped many clients facing back pain. Call us today at 678-404-8944 to schedule an appointment at our downtown Alpharetta, Georgia office!

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