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Chiropractic Can Benefit Athletes



Chiropractic Can Benefit Athletes

Athletes of all levels are experiencing how chiropractic can benefit athletic performance.  If you play sports, you probably have teammates who talk about receiving chiropractic care not only for their injuries but how it is improving their performance.  Chiropractic isn’t only for the treatment of pain and injuries. Through several research studies, we are seeing that there are many ways chiropractic can benefit athletes. As a chiropractor in Alpharetta, Georgia I have worked with many athletes and have seen amazing improvements in performance.  In a day and age where athletes are getting checked for use of performance enhancing drugs, it’s important to know chiropractic can naturally help you improve your game.  Let’s look at some studies:

In a recent study, 22 women with ankle problems were split into 2 groups of either chiropractic adjustments or sham treatment.  It was shown that those women who received the adjustments increased their vertical jump significantly more than those that didn’t receive the treatment.

In 2012 a study of athletes from a top 10 nationally ranked judo team, grip strength was compared before and after cervical chiropractic adjustments.  18 members of the team were again split into 2 groups of which one received the treatment and the other group received sham treatments.  Grip strength was analyzed over 3 weeks and showed statistically significant increase in strength in the chiropractic group and no change in the sham group.

Being a huge fan of college football, one of my favorite studies was showing how chiropractic benefits athletes performance on players at Virginia Tech over the course of 2 football seasons.  115 players received manipulative treatment prior to each game during the time frame.  It was found the precompetition manipulative treatment were positively associated with improved performance among both offensive and defensive Virginia Tech football players.

It’s quite easy to explain how chiropractic benefits athletes in these studies and how it can benefit you too!  Chiropractors analyze the body for imbalances in the spine and extremities.  These misalignments can result in nerve interference that affect function of all aspects of your body.  The pressure on nerves will decrease organ function, muscle strength, reduced ranges of motion and cause pain.  Chiropractors remove the interference and allow optimal body functioning.  This is how chiropractic benefits athletes in improving their overall performance… all without the use of performance enhancement drugs.

If you are an athlete, don’t you deserve a natural competitive edge that chiropractic can provide you?  Dr. Andrew Wiese is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and has experience working with athletes of all levels from recreational to pro.  He has helped them recover more quickly to get back to competing on the field.  Over the years, there are many athletes that have seen how chiropractic can benefit their performance by coming to South Main Chiropractic in downtown Alpharetta.

It’s important to make sure you find a chiropractor who has experience working with athletes. Many chiropractors just work on the spinal joints.  A sports chiropractor will also adjust your extremities:  ankles, feet, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists.  We will also work on flexibility and muscle imbalances.  This whole-body approach not only will improve performance but help prevent injuries so you can perform at peak level when you need it the most.

Athletes in Alpharetta can schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Wiese of South Main Chiropractic to start improving their athletic performance today.